Benefits of joining The Forum of Private Business

forum of private business

Benefits of joining The Forum of Private Business

The Forum of Private Business

The Forum is a not for profit business organisation that was formed in 1977 to support all small to medium size business in the UK.

Today the Forum has thousands of members, mainly smaller employers and family businesses, that rely upon them to ensure that they run their business and remain fully compliant with all Legislation and Regulation that affects their business. It is all too easy to unwittingly and innocently breach legislation. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the Law and that can lead to huge expense in penalties for any business.

This is why the comprehensive, unrivalled support and indemnity that the Forum provides its members with is so essential. (Fact The current cost of red tape and regulation to UK business runs to 18 billion pounds per year. Forum members spend much less than non-members on compliance issues).

24 hours a day 7 days a week Specialists are on hand at the Legal advice helpline to provide advice on Employment (including disputes) – Health & Safety – Licensing – Environment and anything else that you need urgent advice upon. During normal office hours you can speak to and get advice from our specialists on all areas of Taxation and other less urgent matters of General advice.

Where advice has been sought and followed, should matters escalate to proceedings, your legal defence costs are covered for up to £50,000 per claim. In addition any costs for professional fees for dealing with Tax investigations by HMRC are covered, directly with your Accountant.

The Forum provides an on-line library of Legal document templates for Employment – Health & Safety and much more are all freely available to members saving you hundreds of pounds in legal costs.

The Forum also take your concerns on business issues right to the heart of Government in Westminster – Lobbying and campaigning on your behalf to bring about change to benefit small businesses and reporting changes and updates in legislation back to you.

Because membership to the Forum runs into thousands of businesses this gives the organisation strength in numbers to negotiate real savings on a whole range of business essentials and those savings are totally passed on to the members. Savings on: Diesel Fuel – Energy – Telecoms – Card Payment processing fees – Insurance – Pensions – Company Compliance services and much more.

In fact, many members taking advantage of the schemes save several times the cost of their membership.

At membership costs starting at £175 per annum can you really afford NOT to be a member?

The Forum’s website can tell you so much more, to visit The Forum of Private Business click here.

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